Friday, March 2, 2012

Law Of Attraction: Why Bad Things Happen

Have you ever asked why do bad things happen only to you? Do you blame it on others or the circumstances around you? Well I can bet my bottom dollar on it that most do and I was like that too before I came to learn about the law of attraction!

If you begin to understand the science of this Universal law and all that has been explained about the results of “like attracts like”, you will come to learn that not all bad things are the result of your own conscious attraction. Of course no one chooses for bad things to happen such as traumatic experiences, tragedies or sickness. Some things are attracted by default because of the condition you are in and having been conditioned throughout your life by these defaults, you did not know any better but remained in alignment with these situations. Inadvertently, you have become conditioned with limiting beliefs through no fault of yours.

Not to be exhausted by only the above, there may be a few other possible reasons that made you ask that question. Perhaps you are attracting something unfavorable into your life because you do not feel the full extent of your self-worth. Self-sabotaging yourself through guilt, shame and self-pity can fuel the attraction of negative or even painful experiences. Perhaps you have simply made some wrong choices in your life but self-condemnation will surely trap you even further in the negative situations.

There may be more in-depth and intricate reasons that are not covered above, but whether the reality you are in have been chosen for you or because you have allowed it to happen consciously or otherwise, none of it should ever mean a necessity for you to continue experiencing struggle, hardship or pain in your life. However, it is neither right that you should sit by and wait for positive change to happen because they simply won’t!

Through the fundamentals of the law of attraction, bad things that happened are deemed as challenges. These challenges are situations that you can learn from, grow and triumph over. They are meant to be the wake up calls when you are out of alignment with your inner self, the Universe and have been derailed from your intended direction in life.

To unravel why bad things happen in your life can help you transform your reality. This is a responsibility that only you and you alone can ever take. You have to realize that responsibility can bring you freedom and empowerment. The more responsibility you take for your life, the more you will be able to change it.

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Good post! When we look closely at our lives, we can usually see the chain of events we created. The trick is to create new events more in line with what we want! Have you seen the 11 Forgotten Laws? (Link on my site.) It really helps clarify how to use the LOA to our advantage.

Great reading list, by the way. I see a couple on there that I haven't read yet! I"ll check them out.

Thank you so much for dropping by Sweet Alchemy. I have read some about the 11 Forgotten Laws and I would certainly want to check out the link on your site. Thank you for the link.

Meanwhile, do feel free to explore my personal take on the law of attraction here on my blog.