Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Note Of Awareness #36

The law of attraction is about using the power of your thoughts. Every thought that you invest immensely in will become your reality at some point in time. Isn’t this amazing?

Regretfully sometimes negative thoughts just sneak in and do their best to derail you from thinking positively as you should. Some said that “worrying is like little seeds of prayers and thoughts that are asking for what you don't want.” Just like a boomerang, each negative thought that goes out will eventually return to you. So remember that every negative thought you have will not hurt others but only yourself. So how do you keep this from happening?

It may not be easy to catch a negative thought that comes into your mind. Try your best to catch it whenever it comes and take a moment to observe it with a logical mind to get to the root of the matter. Why are you being negative?

When you understand why, it will definitely be easier for you to redirect it into the positive direction. NEVER accept negative thoughts without a fight!

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