Sunday, March 18, 2012

Random Bubbles ... Authentic Sashimi In Kabukicho!

It has been more than half-a-month since I return from a short trip to Tokyo, Japan. I guess it's still not too late to post something about it.

While lo kong's main mission may be to run in the Tokyo International Marathon, how can we miss the authentic taste of Japanese food while we were there. Since arriving in Tokyo, we have had their ramen after ramen. While we may not be very keen on sushi due to its rice content, we nevertheless tasted some by packing from the supermarket and enjoying them in the comfort of our hotel room. They were as delicious if not better than the ones in our local Japanese restaurants such as Sakae Sushi or Sushi King. However, what we were more keen to savour was the raw meat. We wanted to taste the authentic Japanese sashimi!

That night after the Tokyo International Marathon, we explored around the famous Shinjuku Station looking for one. Without realising how much we have wandered, we found ourselves right in-front of the Seibushinjuku Station. We had walked all the way to nearby Kabukichō, an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku. Kabukichō is a location with many hostess bars, host bars, love hotels, shops, restaurants and nightclubs and is often called the "Sleepless Town."

We were very hungry then and just to satiate our empty stomach, we had a quick ramen noodle in extremely thick, milky pork bone soup before continuing with our search. We popped in and out from one shop to another until the fresh seafood display outside a Japanese tavern restaurant caught our attention. There was also a guy standing outside preparing to grill some seafood.

Without much hesitation and a little nudge from the man, we entered the restaurant named Asou, sat down and started to order what we have been search all evening beginning with a bottle of sake. As they knew we were tourists, they immediately handed us a simplified menu in English to place our order. We had santensashi (a mix plate of sashimi) costing ¥2980, a plate of basashi (horse meat) at ¥1600, a small cup of namauni (sea-urchin) at ¥980 and 2 sticks of yakitori at ¥490. While enjoying our food, we added a plate of hamachi (yellow-tail fish) at ¥950 to finish off our bottle of sake. Overall the food was fresh and delectable ... definitely better than I've tasted here locally.

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