Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Oh my oh my oh my!!! I am in need of 36 or 48 hours in a day or perhaps am I putting too many eggs in my basket?

Time whizzes by in a blink of an eye for me and the truth be told, I think I am losing out on the quality of my work or I've simply been late on several of my routines. I guess my latest law of attraction article on forming positive habits that set my daily paradigm is spot on! I need to tweak my routines in order to be more efficient and effective before the effects of unaccomplished tasks becomes a frustration that affects my positive outlook. Yes, I too can be driven into discouragement just like anyone because I am only human.

However, when you attach an importance on the habit of appreciation in everything that exist in your life, that is to be consistently optimistic in every aspect of life, your brain will be retrain for better positivity. Gratitude is simple and easy and this attitude will set you apart from the majority.

Although I may have my fair share of ups and downs, I choose to find the unexpected in the expected to be thankful for. Here is my random list of gratitude;

1. I am grateful to have discovered the law of attraction and the importance of gratitude.

2. I am grateful for my health and my happiness.

3. I am grateful for my happy family.

4. I am grateful for my travels that allows me to see and experience the world outside mine.

5. I am grateful to have an interest and talent for writing that has helped others known and unknown to me.

6. I am grateful that my blog has reached out to so many people in the blogosphere judging from the pageviews that has since exceeded 120,000.

7. I am grateful for the friends and followers in my social networks that has constantly generate the positive vibes for me.

8. I am grateful for the constant state of my optimism!

2 Bubbles:

Thank you Wenny! This post has uplifted me. Mainly because I am thankful for everything you are thankful for....minus the 120,000 pageviews...good for you! Thanks for the reminder of all the wonderful things in my life to be grateful for, which includes you.

You are so welcomed Anne. I am glad it has done some good for you. Thank you so much for popping in on my blog.