Monday, June 25, 2012

A Day With God In My Bubble ...

It is often said when people grow older and wiser, they mellow. With age comes maturity, we become more compassionate and seek to be closer to God. I totally agree because as I reach the 5th decade of my life, I am constantly seeking to be closer to God more. I think of Him, I reach for Him and more often than not, I do feel Him close. I don't think it's because I am steps nearer to heaven's gate but more so because I have become more appreciative of his blessings through my life experiences.

I do not think I am particularly religious but I do have my faith in God through my Lord, Jesus Christ. I believe no one religion teaches us to be bad but on the contrary. It is only mankind's selfishness that has brought on extremism while calling His name in vain. I believe that God's expectation of us is to practise peace and harmony as well as love and respect for one another. His expectations is for our moderation in everything that we think, feel, say and do. This is the God I have faith in and in Him I will trust!

At times, it may not be easy to feel close to God but seek Him out with a prayer and He will channel His presence to us in surprising ways.

Today I'd spent an afternoon with a friend. Her strength and independence in the face of a personal distress is a source of inspiration. Through her, God conveyed that hope never leaves. Often when we faced difficulties, it seemed that hope has abandoned us. But she showed that hope is still there, ready for us to embrace it. To have hope is good as it keeps us strong and positive to face our challenges.

For my friend, I pray that she knows the Lord is always there with her through this difficulty. That He will give her strength in her hour of need, nourish her spirit and soul while comforting her with His presence.

Lord, please hear my prayer ... Amen.

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