Friday, June 15, 2012

Law Of Attraction: Untwine Your Distorted Mind

To discover the law of attraction is a great blessing. This Universal law that has been around for ages simply says that you attract into your life whatever you put your most thoughts on. There may be areas in your life that you are most happy with. Then there may be areas that keep you discontented too. Whatever your situations, do not blame them on circumstances because it changes nothing. Nothing happens to you without your permission or consent.

You cannot hide behind the false belief that you are a victim of circumstances. The reality is everyone has control over their own life. Everything that is happening in your life right now or that has happened to you in your past had been in full response to your thoughts and more importantly your emotions hitched to them. Your life is the results of the conscious and unconscious choices that you made in correlation with your thoughts and emotions. Haven’t you realized what a powerful creator you are?

In order to tap into that powerful ability of yours, do not let your distorted mind sabotage the harmony between your thoughts and your emotions. A distorted mind creates confusion and frustration that clouds your judgments. Distortion in your mind sends out confused messages to the Universe which in turn delivers more of what you do not want or nothing at all. It is not the Universe at fault and you are mistaken to think that the law of attraction is not working for you. It is just not working the way you anticipated.

Get your facts right and the law of attraction will work more to your favor. It is not a wishing well that you can just toss a coin in and magically get whatever you wished for while resting on your laurels. You have to take the initiatives to understand how to the play by its rules. Everything in life has its own set of rules for the very reason that without them there will be chaos, confusion and dysfunctionality. So if you do not fully understand the fundamentals to the law of attraction, there will be chaos, confusion and dysfunctionality in your mind.

You have been hearing all the buzz to “trust the Universe” and to just “ask, believe and receive!” Without a proper grasp of the rules, you are unsure which and what you should be doing first. Are you supposed to wait patiently and let the Universe do its thing or do you leap with your inspired action and chase after your dreams. You might probably ask when would be the right time to trust your gut feelings too. Well the truth is they all have to work hand-in-hand.

If you want to use the law of attraction consciously with positive results, it will require more than just the general information that usually covers only the surface of the subject. You must know by now that those frequently mentioned statements are attached with important actions that you will need to fulfill. It requires mental work, focus, visualization and your willingness to undertake the necessary challenges for change consistently. Often technicalities may sound tricky but you need to dig deep for further know-how on the subject and fully comprehend how the rules of the law of attraction work.

Getting your facts right is important although sometimes you may get in the way of the Universe to response to your intentions. It happens especially when you get too caught up with the how-to steps and the do’s and don’ts. Your opportunities may just slip by unnoticed. How your desires come to you, when and from where are really not your main concern. What is of utmost priority is your responsibility to create a harmony between your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts are the seeds of your desires and your emotional health influences their positive fruition. You can control your emotional health by consciously choosing to express yourself with the appropriate attitude to achieve the harmony. So, while you work on achieving the harmony, you are allowing the law of attraction will figure out the rest.

With a thorough knowledge, you can consciously use the law of attraction in your favor. With a thorough knowledge, you untwined the distortion in your mind. In return, you are able to consciously choose your desires, have the clarity to focus on what you choose to have, to feel excited and enjoy every experience while cultivating an attitude of gratitude for every little outcome. Little by little you will even trust your intuitions when the feelings are right!

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