Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

There are several changes that I have experienced in my life eversince I discover the law of attraction. Some may say that it's a coincidence but I call it the work of God. He knew I needed it at the lowest point of my life and it did tremendously!

One of the biggest change in my life was to renew my faith in God and to adopt an attitude of gratitude. I slowly gained the consistent habit to count my blessings and to accept that every experience I have encountered in my life were of my own doing. I soon realized that living with the presence of God in my life creates peacefulness. Although I am still very much a work-in-progress, I have become more laidback and calm.

Being grateful is one of the simplest rule to a peaceful life and it is never too late to unlock it anytime and anywhere. I may not have had a good week for the fact that there was a power surge in my home that damaged several of my home appliances including my modem and router, I am glad there are many other positive things going on in my life.  Here is my random list of gratitude I wish to share for the week;

1.  I am grateful for the short but relaxing trip to Singapore.
2.  I am grateful that Nick has found a temporary job in our neighborhood to fill his time before resuming his degree course in September.
3.  I am grateful that the cause for the faulty electrical supply to my home has been rectified.
4.  I am grateful that the new health supplements for my insomnia are working positively.
5.  I am grateful for all the little epiphanies that arrived just at the right time each day.
6.  I am just very grateful for this blog that allows me to express and share my gratitude.

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