Friday, July 27, 2012

Law Of Attraction: Working Up The Momentum

You are a firm believer in the principle of the law of attraction and you have been applying it in every area of your daily life. However, you do not understand why positive things do not seem to be materializing quickly. How is this so?

The simplest way to clarify the situation is momentum. The law of attraction works with momentum. What you want coming into your life may be manifested instantly or it may take a longer period of time to happen. Why?

The reason behind it has a lot to do with the strength of your desire, the clarity of your vision and the power of your intention. Before you have ever learned about the law of attraction, you have to understand that most people have been living their life in worry, doubt and indecision. These limiting beliefs breed fear that has been building up a tremendous momentum in one direction. Therefore, while the Universe is orchestrating and rearranging itself to bring to you all that you desire, it will at the same time allow you the time needed to wrangle with your choices and all the varying aspects, elements and options that may come to your mind in order to strengthen your intentions and focus. The more limiting beliefs you have will determine the amount of time you take to change course.

You need to be patient and reset your coordinates before you can start heading in the opposite direction of positive thinking. It is something like driving on a narrow street and trying to make a 3-point turn to get back in the direction you were coming from. Slowly but surely you will make it out of the tight spot.

The time you take to get onto the right direction is also determined by your willingness to make changes. The more open and willing you are to learn and grow, the shorter the time you will turn around and gather momentum in the opposite direction and start attracting what you desire and deserve in your life.

Once you are certain with your choices and intentions, you must always remember the equation to the law of attraction:  "Thoughts + Feeling + Actions = Results"

Having the right positive thoughts and feelings accompanied by inspired actions will increase your momentum exponentially. Do not be overly concerned with trying to change your life overnight. You will not be wrong to believe that with each positive change you subscribe to, a snowball effect has been activated to bring you many steps closer to your desires and more.

So be patient and do not give up. As long you keep positive and believe that law of attraction is working for you right now, perseverance is the only the way to go to maintain or accelerate the momentum that will turn your desires into a reality. Like it had often been said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

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