Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Bubble: Beers & Bikes!!

While our hotel room in Fremantle wasn't anything close to luxurious, the cold weather made sleeping in so inviting.  But it was not to be when lo kong woke me up early so that we can catch the morning ferry to Rottnest Island which is located 19km of the coast of Western Australian from Fremantle.

It will be an outdoor excursion and I intended to travel as light as possible ... no additional weight from the iPad, fixed lens or all the camera accessories.  In my haste to be light and free, I unwittingly left behind my shades and my digital camera.

There was a crowd when we arrived at the pier.  The fare for the return trip to Rottnest Island was AU$36 per person on a 'Love My Rotto' Telethon Tuesday deal.  No idea what was the normal fare though.  It was full onboard and the sea was so choppy making the ride stomach-churning ... I threw up half-way to the island.  Thankfully, the ride back was so much calmer.

By the time we arrived on the island was already mid-afternoon and it wasn't worthwhile to rent a bike for 24 hours.  Instead we waited till 12 noon to take up the rentals at AUD16.00 per bike that came with a helmet each.  It has been long while since I've cycled but surprisingly I've not lost the touch.  As we had to return the bikes by 4.00 pm, we didn't have enough time to cycle round the whole island.  Instead we took the 10km route and made it just in time back to the bike depot.

Apart from being awed by some unusual animals, the scenery around the island was spectacular.  The terrain was undulating with many steep hills followed by speeding drops which made cycling so exciting.  However, the winds were a force to be reckoned with ... even taking photos with our DSLR were made unstable.  We met most of the same people from our Rottnest shuttle biking around the same route with us, some struggling to balance themselves on their respective bicycles.  It was indeed a fun and relaxing day out on the island ... just wished we had more time.

Upon arriving back at the pier in Fremantle, we went to check out the Little Creatures Brewery.  The local brew came recommended by my FB friend's hubby, Andrew.  It was timely for us as there was a promotion for the beer.  6 bottles of any mix going for only AUD20.00.  It was half the price per bottle from the ones sold at the supermart!  We found the most expensive of the 8 different types of beer were sold at over AUD7.00 at the supermart. The beers lasted us for 2 days along with a couple of  bottles of Australian wine.  I regretted for not choosing their Pear Cider though as I couldn't find it anywhere else in the city ... I was told it is better than the Apple Cider.

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Yeah and I love the weather too! You won't break a sweat even while cycling against the winds. No way we can enjoy that back here in Malaysia except climb Mt. Kinabalu ... hehehe!

Hahaha! I won't be for the next few months though ... lots of things happening on the homefront.