Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Bubble: No More Pen Pals ... It's FB Pals!

Long ago, the popularity of long distance friendships were through this thing called pen pals. Getting abreast with each other took a little longer route via the post. A pen pal may stay in touch for a short while while some may last a lifetime. Some pen pals eventually do meet face-to-face with some leading to more serious relationships including marriages.

Today, strangers worlds apart meet on Facebook every second of the day. This is the modern variation of pen pals and the communication is real-time. This is the wonder and awesomeness of our internet era!

I was always attracted to this bright spark that appeared on a friend's Facebook. I like her outspoken jovial spontaneity whenever she commented and we somehow managed to click! No sooner, we are Facebook friends and I met her and her beautiful family for the first time when I visited Perth recently.

As I was only in town for a week, we had agreed to meet on the Sunday evening after my Perth City to Surf run. Sharp 4pm, Moy Tai came to pick lo kong and I at our hotel in her sports car ... now I claim I've ridden in a Porsche! By the way, it's tough getting in and out for old people like the two of us. Revving the engine a bit, she took us on a short sightseeing tour around the neighborhood on the way to her house. Her home has a spacious garden teeming with live thanks to her green thumb. The flowers blooming gloriously, the lemon tree full of gargantuan lemons, the olive tree and the grapevines beginning to flower and I finally learned the difference between kumquat and loquat! Wasn't mistaken though ... both tastes sour! We savored her very unique Savory Smoked Salmon swissrolls right there in her garden, sipping hot green tea while the cold breeze creates shivers on lo kong ... but I love it! I love the weather in Perth!

Not wanting to be too 'keipo', there were awkward moments when our conversation hit a silent note. Moy Tai had been such a lovely host, preparing a sumptuous dinner for us with her family. We had two types of beef steak, lamb chops and the much anticipated kangaroo steak ... too engrossed I had forgotten to take a shot of it! I completely loved the starter of juicy pan-fried scallops with healthy greens. The dinner finished with a freshly baked Mud Cake ... whatever diabetes problem just had to stand aside for a moment! We even had 2 slices of Mud Cake packed on the go which lo kong gobbled down on Rottnest Island!

While it had been a wonderful opportunity to meet up with Moy Tai and her family, I felt kinda imposing putting her through so much trouble. More so when I realised that our visit had actually coincided with her younger daughter's calisthenics concert. She brought home 2 trophies that evening and this little girl of 8 had only been into it for just 6 months. Well done!!

To Moy Tai, thank you so much to you and your family for the warm hospitality and a gastronomic evening!

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