Thursday, October 11, 2012

Poetry: Anticipation

By Ariana Turano

Everything holding its own anticipation,
Turning negative into positive without reservation,
All of it is intense.

Viewing ahead the possibilities of what might be;
What do you want it to be?
Can it be?
Only experience will answer questions,
Entertain those thoughts with re-evaluation.

Life is too important to wonder and never know,
To have opportunity and nothing to show,
The doors of choice are open.

Have you opened any lately?
Have you taken what it is you want?
Every moment holds anticipation.

Your whole life is a translation of your dedication!
What is your anticipation?
Reality is MY anticipation.

2 Bubbles:

what a lovely, uplifting poem... thanks for sharing this with us. xoxo

Hi there Bing. It's my pleasure. It's to uplift myself and all my connections around the globe. Thanks for dropping by.