Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

Life is really an oasis of educational experiences.  That is if we are willing to let go of our fear, obsession and ego and pick up the valuable lessons behind each of these experiences ... good and bad.  After all, this is how our wisdom comes about ... we learn and learn and learn from each and every experience that life throws at us.

Everyone has definitely heard of this popular phrase coined by Dale Carnegie ... "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Sounds like a very simple outlook but life is actually simple.  It's just that most people, me as guilty to one point in time, tend to complicate things.  We look for solutions at the hardest corners and from the most difficult angle when it is right there under our noses ... why?  Because we gave our problems, circumstances or conditions prominence ... perhaps we are all natural born prima donnas.  Celebrating problems to gain attention but the truth of it all is that no one can change a thing for us!  We just have to suck it in and be grateful for all the stuffs that are already going well in our life ... the calm that follows will come with the solutions we much needed.

Gratitude is the most effective healer to cast out our temperamental and inflated self-obsession and egoism in order to realize that life is simply an oasis of great opportunities to turn each lemons we received into a variety of lemonades.  Yes, why must we only enjoy the same standard lemonades?  Any preschooler would know how to make one for us!  We are all adults ... let's use our creativity to concoct some new flavours that we will love and who knows others may like it too!

Having gratitude does not mean we must have it all in our life.  Neither is it impossible even when we're downtrodden, in ill-health, out of love or out of money.  It's entirely up to you how you choose to look at your life and decide your list of things that you can be thankful for.  Open your heart, open your mind!  As for me, I am grateful for being grateful.

1.  I am grateful to have a supportive family ... I know through thick and thin I can always rely on them!
2.  I am grateful for my supportive friends ... a special cherished league of friends!
3.  I am grateful for my health ... my diabetes is under control.
4.  I am grateful for new home ... my envisioned decor taking shape as the renovation continues.
5.  I am grateful for the money-making opportunities that have come my way.
6.  I am grateful for the inspirations and motivations that magically appears whenever I needed them.
7.  I am grateful for the mindful hints that continuously appear to remind me to be watchful over my thoughts, words, feelings and actions without any compromises of being myself.
8.  I am grateful that I am able to find all sorts of things I can be grateful for!

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