Sunday, January 20, 2013

Living Deliberately: How Ready Are You To Live Deliberately?

Do you think you are ready to live deliberately? Are you willing to rock the boat?

There will always be a period or even at various instances in your life when you give thought to how life could have been different from what and where you are today. Sometimes these instances are prompted by major unexpected disruptions or upgrading of your personal life. Major disruptions or challenges are often not by your own choice while upgrading one’s life could be the result from one or many concurrent actions or decisions you have made unconsciously. Either way, they will rock the boat you are in.

Inevitable as they may be, you can choose to deliberately or consciously tread the ‘road less traveled’ by facing up to your fears of the unknown. As you attempt to adapt to the changes or challenges that are bringing you away from your familiar grounds, you need to prepare yourself to make deliberate choices and actions which will turn them into opportunities for a future that you will find joy in.

Here are some tips that can help you find the joy by living deliberately;

1. Have a keen attention of your current surrounding … the time you are living in, the environment you are exposed to and the people that surrounds you. Being aware of your surrounding can help you respond and react more wisely and effectively.

2. Allow yourself some quiet down-time to listen to your inner self. It allows you to reflect on your priorities and how you would want your life to be … of course, a rational one that’s not too outrageous to be achievable.

3. Be honest with yourself and where necessary, compromise may be your key to work towards overcoming your challenges and the life you want. Being too rigid may just hinder you from achieving what you working very hard on.

4. Knowing what you want can motivate you into action simply because you are conscious of what you need to do to de-clutter the life you are in at the moment.

5. Close the gap between your priorities, intentions and actions in order to move forward. Having a clear sight of what you want out of your life but not followed by proactive actions will not bring you anywhere.

6. Actions bear results and practice makes perfect. You can start making deliberate choices in small steps and continually you will be moved by every moment to do what is right spontaneously. With practice, you improve your good sense of judgement.

7. They say ‘patience is a virtue.’ You need lots of them and it grows easier when you begin to appreciate whatever you already have in your life at the moment. Gratitude is key to greater abundance.

When you choose to live your life more consciously and to make deliberate choices, you are honoring your birthright. You know you are ready to live deliberately when you have decided not to let anything happen to you without your permission.

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