Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Bubble: Cheat On Me!

My affirmation for this week is "I look forward with excitement!"  Yes, indeed I am looking forward to two very important events in my life i.e. to cast my change-determining-vote in the coming General Election and the other, to celebrate my 50th birthday with my school/classmates with a bang.

While the date of the general election has yet to be determined, the Big-5-O Birthday Bash is already in planning for May 11th. I am so excited to meet up with my school/classmates whom I have not met since we left Form 5 ... some even longer since they left for other schools before that.  It must be age-related because so many that were mentioned just did not rekindle any schoolgirl images in my mind.  It is going to be fun trying to identify them one by one at the birthday bash!

Miss Red
I would said these excitements are just a piece of cake.  Truthfully, I don't think they require me to contribute much effort unlike exercising or should I be more specific ... riding my road-racer, Miss Red.  I love riding my bike, that is after I am already all saddled on the highway.  However, I realize that I have been making a lot of excuses and sometimes hoping for excuses to happen in order to avoid riding Miss Red.  In fact, I was so happy early this morning when it rained heavily that put stop to my early morning ride.  I am certainly not looking forward with excitement in this area.  Why am I cheating myself?

I can sum them up as follows;

1.  I lacked the confidence in my riding skills.
2.  I am fearful of falling and damaging Miss Red.
3.  I worry about other road users ... I've heard of several life-threatening incidents.

I need to change this attitude and it'd better be fast because I need to train as much as possible since I am already registered to join a 160km ride in Kuantan.

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Keeping my attitude upbeat but calm, I went for an evening ride but the sky poured shower on us! Managed to ride only 24km :( :(