Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Bubble: Another Challenge Completed!

Albeit some disappointment in my performance, I am still proud of myself for completing the 2013 Malakoff Powerman Asian Championships in the Sprint Category last Sunday.  This is yet another birthday wish ticked on my half-centurion birthday wishlist.

This championship is a run-bike-run race and the sprint category covered a 5.5km run followed by a 32km bicycle ride that ended with another 5.5km run.  Despite being a little nervous at the start, I managed to complete the first 5.5km run in about 45 minutes before going on to complete my bike ride within 1hr 25mins.  It is unfortunate that I had cramps building up in my calves during the last 10km of the bike ride.  I decided to walk at the start of the second leg of my run, hoping to walk off the cramps before slowly building up to a slow run.  Too bad I had to walk about 80% of the way as the cramps returned whenever I tried to run.  I reached the finish line slightly more than an hour.  While the official results is not out yet ... I believe I completed the race in about 3hrs 10mins based on my own timing.  This is almost half-an-hour outside my targeted time.

I had made a bad decision to forego wearing my compression calf guards for this race and suffered a disappointing consequence.  Well next time ... if there ever is a next time ... I will be the wiser!

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