Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Unmasking The True Colors

People who moves within my circle knows that I am a no-nonsense kind of person.  I am one who will call a spade a spade ... no less and no more.  As such, I will not have any respect for anyone who comes on as being pretentious, superficial or egoistic.

In my opinion, when you are not who you truly are, any false pretenses to be good or bad will never last.  Once you've reached your comfort zone, your veils will be lifted layer by layer.  Each layer depletes whatever respect that I may have for your in the first place.

Call me arrogant but this is just who I am!

For the past 3 months, I've had the opportunity to observe how certain people in my work team have started to reveal their true colors. We are all drawn into a small work pool as strangers and just like a job interview and the subsequent probationary period, people tend to put on a mask either to protect their privacy or to hide their inferiority.  The danger is who will be revealed when the mask is removed.

Today, I've had to console a team-mate who had just completed her 3rd month with us.  She was in tears as she shared the pressure and stress piled on her by a bullying team leader and of late, another team-mate who has chosen to follow suit.  Somehow, dignity at work has been erased!

Where is the team spirit?  The essence of teamwork towards building a successful business!

And there are less than 10 people in this work pool right now.  What will happen when it grows to 100?!

I guess they call it "POLITICS!" ... mind you, the word "OFFICE" has been intentionally omitted as we all work from home!

Anyway, with true colors unmasked, humility gone and team spirit extinguished, can this work pool even survive the next one or two years???

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