Thursday, March 10, 2016

I'm Getting Fat!

Arms +1cm?  Waist +1cm?  Butt +1cm?  Thighs +1cm?  My clothes feels tight lately.  My my ... I'm getting fat!!!

Since I've not signed up for any races for the year, there's just no desperation to go running, cycling or hit the gym.  Not helping that I had also been sick with cough and cold for the past few weeks, laziness is fast taking over in the name of busyness.

Really?  Lazy is the new Busy?!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sharing A Golden Opportunity

After more than 2 years, I've finally agreed with my Aussie Boss to get an assistant.  The business is growing so fast, I can't be the super-woman anymore!  I need my life back!

While everyone in our team handles extremely confidential matters for our clients, mine is a tad more confidential as it involves our company's own accounts.  

For this very reason, I need an assistant whom I can trust wholeheartedly.  A person who can absorb some of my load unsupervised as well as be my reliable backup whenever I'm away.  It's not exactly a holiday if you have to lug your laptop along on a holiday.  And for the very same reason, I had posted an ad among friends only for a super-duper administrative assistant.

I'm relieved I've found one and she's now undergoing her 3rd and final month probation with intensive on-the-job training.  Fingers-crossed, she will survived and grow to enjoy this golden opportunity.  The going is guaranteed to be tough at the beginning but the river of gold is definitely waiting at the end of the journey.

Yes, everyone can definitely earn from home but only the open-minded, resilient, resourceful and patient ones can survive! 

The Good & The Bad

Excuses, excuses, excuses?!! 

Well, I guess it's no more an excuse not to update my blog when it has become a deliberate neglect. 

My last update was written in December 2015.  Several drafts sat abandoned or whittled away while I became driven by 'greed' (I guess?) to make as much $$$ (satisfaction?) as I can.

Yeah ... the good and the bad of making money at something you have a passion in.  I love my work to the extent that I could have possibly 'flattened my butt' sitting for upto 10 hours non-stop at my workstation.

The good = money money money!

The bad = life came to a standstill as there's only a single purpose in life left and that's work work work! 

OMG!!!  Have I forgotten why I went into early retirement?

OK, am slapping myself now!  I'll be back soon.