Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Malaysian Manifestation

The Desire & The Fear

1.  The Malaysian population's centered desire to change a corrupt and oppressive government.
2.  A kleptocracy's intensified fear of losing in the recent general election to the opposition.

The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like ... this is the basis of the law of attraction.  It is a belief that focusing on a positive or negative thought can attract the positive or negative experiences into our life. 

Throughout the past year, the positive and negative vibes in Malaysia were resounding!
The Universe as usual works in its mysterious ways ... it orchestrates these vibes to make things happen at the right place and time.

A new Malaysian era just kicked-off on 10th May 2018, after 61 years of administration by a ruling coalition that had long taken the Malaysian people for granted.  A new Malaysian era with a renewed hope that the new administration will be people-centriced ... where every citizen matters ... equally ... irrespective of race and religion.

The Right Timing

Yet, why had this not happened in the previous general election?  Why not in the next general election instead? 

The Universe or the Infinite Being knows best!  The timing had been perfectly arranged.
1.  Had the opposition won in the previous general election, they would have failed miserably as they did not have the right leadership in their coalition.  They did not have a former experienced premier to help them strategize their moves.  They only had a defacto leader who was sitting in jail.  They would have lost the people's confidence and definitely lose the recent general election.

2.  Had the kleptocrat government continued with its reign after the recent general election, there will be no tomorrow for Malaysia as they will continue to plunder the country's coffer.  The people will suffer the consequences.

Trust in the Universe ... trust in the Infinite Being.  Our desires and fears will be heard!

The New Administration

The new administration will be facing an uphill task to bring back our country's glory as the "Asian Tiger".  Even before their 100 days are up ... many hidden skeletons had been uncovered.  The country's actual debt had been on the rise with every hidden truth unraveled bringing it from billions to trillions!

The majority of Malaysians are glued to every available medias on a daily basis as news after news are released by the new administration.

As promised by our new Prime Minister, many heads from the previous administration will roll ...  and we are eagerly waiting for the infamous couple's heads to roll straight into our famous jailhouse!!

Ràng wǒmen kàn kàn míngtiān huì yǒu shé me xīn xiāoxī!

Let's see what's in the news tomorrow!

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