Who Am I?

Hey! Thank you so much for popping in. I feel so honored that you have taken some of your precious time to get to know me and enjoy the bubbles bursting inside my world.

I am one of those Baby-Boomers who have graduated into a fine, mature and sexy middle-aged woman. You could probably hear my biological clock ticking so loudly as it grinds to a halt to make me an instant member of the women’s Menopause Club. My sight says it needs a bifocal lens urgently but vanity makes a stubborn fool out of me. My memories have failed me every now and then but I have managed to opt for the best of the best memories to remain fresh like it was only yesterday.

Once working in the corporate world, the need to win and the fear of losing may have polished my battle skills but unfortunately it had completely turned me into an extremely frazzled, overweight and unhealthy old woman. However, fortune-tellers and palmists alike refused to read my destiny citing a good life is already in store for me. Far from believable back then but it did instilled an ambition that forged me on until a cruel turn of event changed my entire perspective of the life I had been pursuing.

The Universe works in mysterious ways as the timing was indeed perfect when it introduced me to the Law of Attraction at the worst moment when everything seemed so mixed-up like a bowl of mixed nuts. On hindsight, things have since changed after I threw in the towel and began testing the waters of the life that I am meant to live.

Gladly I dare attest that I have been freed from the storms of the past and illusions of the future. I am realizing the power of NOW today and every day. I can say there is nothing that can frazzle me that easily anymore. There is no more excess weight to bear me down like a breathless fish out of water. I feel young at heart while I pant and sweat my head off to stay fit and healthy.

Letting go and embracing change, I have learned to be more laid back as I gained strength, courage and confidence through every daily experiences that opened my eyes wider and bigger. Each day I am progressing towards LIVING and LOVING my LIFE more and more.

Learning from my past and present mistakes as well as from the wisdom gained through the trials and tribulations that dotted my life; I have found my peace … peace with God and peace with myself. I have pieced together the puzzles in my life and I have redesigned my life along a renewed ambition that I may somehow influence and empower others to live their life as passionately as I do.

Let’s journey together and learn from one another as we make sense of God’s perfect plan for us with the greatest gift HE had already bestowed on us … freedom.

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

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